Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting back.. on track, Getting back... on life!

It has been more than 3 months since my last post.

Not sure if someone sees this blog. But still.

So many things have happened.

My mom not feeling well.

Me following her route.

Eventually been diagnosed with hypertension.

Not easy. But the bf helped me through it.

We've been watching what we eat now an doing good to our bodies more. Getting back on exercising and following my doctor's advises.

We've been fixing our room for 2 weeks now, it's not easy de-cluttering all the mess, all the past years' memoirs.

Yet liberating at the same time.

Hoping we could finish all the cleaning this coming week and get back on track.

Hoping I can blog more, and get back to my love for writing.

Thanks for all the well-wishers.

Thanks for all of my support group. You know who you are.

Thanks hon! The best ka talaga!

Kahit kailan ikaw na talaga!

Love you! So much.. alam mo yan!

It's nice to put my goals into words, into writing.. Now, I'm surely getting back.. on track. and getting back on life. :)

This will be my start.. new memories. New beginnings.. of a blessed and happier life.

~ meow

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Chicken Charlie + Diary ng Panget

Went on a semi-date with the BF last week. We had his family with us so it's not a real date(date). But at least we get to spend time together. Fun times.

Went to the mall for his mom. Saw that the casts of the Diary ng Panget movie will be there the exact time we entered the mall. I only knew James Reid from PBB, and Yassi from GMA7 and if I remember it right, she was once an Avon Ladies girl :) , and the son of Papa Bear (Benji Paras). Di ko pa kilala yung bidang girl, pero I think mala-Kathryn Bernardo yata ang peg nya. I read it on some news yata. Look at how many teens were in the mall.

Diary ng Panget Mall Tour! Hehehehe...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bakasyon Emote with the BF (Pepper Rice and Roasted Chicken)

The BF and I love spending time to ourselves, "That's a fact!"

Yung kami lang. Kulitang kami lang. Nood ng movies, luto, kain. at kuwentuhang walang katapusan. Feeling namin bakasyon engrande, puro saya lang as in. Talo pa ang nag-Asian tour. Mababaw lang kasi kami. Magkasama lang kami, happy na! Kaya bakasyon emote kami kahit nasa bahay. Sobrang happy na!

We like a lot of things, two of which, Youtube, at... PAGKAIN!!!

We've been an avid subscriber/viewer of our new found friends online, Michelle and Jemay, or MIMAY! (MIchelle + jeMAY) Gets?

Check their channel here, They're the Zamora Family on Youtube. They're actually just starting their daily vlogs, but they are the most natural I've ever seen locally. Call me biased but whenever we watched their vlogs, there'll surely be smiles on our faces. Sobrang may happiness na dulot lang talaga! Kaya we look forward to their vlog each day. Please check them out as well. I'm sure you'll enjoy their videos as much as we do. They also have a cute daughter, Hayley. who adds more fun on their vlogs. Love namin talaga kayo Mimay! :) 

One of my most loved thing on their vlogs is Mich's cooking! Our Magic Sarap Queen!
When you watch them daily, you'll know why.

Here's a screenshot from one of their vlogs,

Calling the ATTN of Magic Sarap! Endorser nyo oh! Pang-kain lang daw OK na! LOL!

Friday, January 10, 2014

The ItsJudytime and ThatsHeart Palettes now in the Philippines

A few weeks before the year ends, I was so excited about the release of the Itsjudytime and ThatsHeart palettes from BH Cosmetics. Honestly, I didn't ever thought of getting them for real since I know that shipping cost will kill me, not literally, but my wallet instead.

Watching Judy's daily vlogs just added to the excitement. She just had the perfect look each day. Actually even without makeup, and when she wears one, I know I'll love it. When she revealed that she really has a palette launching very soon. I am thrilled. I honestly thought about waiting for resellers here in the Philippines. But my excitement won me over. The first day of release, I contemplated if I should order at once. No, don't. It'll be too expensive.

I love Heart and Arnold as well, they belong to the Filipino vloggers who you can really see stay humble. The first time I watched Heart was a long time ago, and I remembered her love for Palabok. Hey girl if only I can treat you with "isang bilaong Palabok," I surely will. And Arnold's just the sweetest boyfriend, they're so cute together, and Junior too, their baby dog.

Until one day, when I checked the site again, Judy's palette is on pre-order basis. Yes, they ran out of stocks. And I kinda panicked. I know I should get it now. or never have it ever. Enough of the over-thinking.

The BF has been very supportive of this purchase since he knows how much I'd love to have them. He even gifted me Judy's palette. Paid for it! :) To cut on my expenses. Ka-swerteng babae ko lang! :)

December 20,  I placed my order of the Itsjudytime and ThatsHeart palette from BH Cosmetics using my Globe Gcash AMEX Account. I paid 1864.41php for both palettes that will be shipped on my MyShoppingBox address in the US.

December 27, MSB informed me that they have my BH Cosmetics order, and offered two options for shipping. Air Freight being more expensive than Sea Freight. Chose Air, since I can't wait to have them both. I paid 532.60php for the shipping to be delivered directly right at my doorstep.. OH YEAH!!!

This is actually my second AMEX Transaction from Gcash, and both went really successful. So I'm pretty sure this won't be the last.

January 8, 2014, 12 days after I have paid MSB. I woke up with my box from BH Cosmetics waiting for me..

They're finally HERE.. as in. HERE....!!!!!!

WOOT!!! WOOT!!! My 2 girlfriends' palettes are finally here!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

6 years...

6 years...

Masakit pa din...

Yes, nakarecover na naman ako.


Kaya lang, hindi pala talaga mawawala yung sakit

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gifts/Prizes from My Mahal na "Kapatid" (Bing of TheProjectAwesome)

Writer's block...





Hay! Ang hirap!

I pretty much don't know how to start this post. Shall I say Hi? (Backspaced) or just Thanks?

Thanks Bing!
Yan diniretso ko na.


Ganito kasi, a few days ago, I have received Bing's prizes from one of her recent giveaways. Akalain ba namang ako ang naging Grand Prize winner.. ACHIEVE na ACHIEVE!

Thanks Kapatid ha! Love you! Alam mo yan!

So eto, konti lang naman ang dumating.. :) 

WAHHHHH!!! Sobrang dami!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pinkies Collections Blushes (Review and Swatches)

As I've stated on my previous blog, if anyone has ever read it, on this vast world wide web. :) I have tons of blogs to post. I just want to share some products here, and some stories too. :)

First on my list, the Pinkies Collections Blushes. (Yes, they are a sister company of James Cooper's line of makeup (Jazzy Cosmetics), as what the SA have told me, only these offer the more affordable line.)

I have two shades here. They are B-01 and B-03.

B-01 (Cinnamon) and B-03