Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bakasyon Emote with the BF (Pepper Rice and Roasted Chicken)

The BF and I love spending time to ourselves, "That's a fact!"

Yung kami lang. Kulitang kami lang. Nood ng movies, luto, kain. at kuwentuhang walang katapusan. Feeling namin bakasyon engrande, puro saya lang as in. Talo pa ang nag-Asian tour. Mababaw lang kasi kami. Magkasama lang kami, happy na! Kaya bakasyon emote kami kahit nasa bahay. Sobrang happy na!

We like a lot of things, two of which, Youtube, at... PAGKAIN!!!

We've been an avid subscriber/viewer of our new found friends online, Michelle and Jemay, or MIMAY! (MIchelle + jeMAY) Gets?

Check their channel here, They're the Zamora Family on Youtube. They're actually just starting their daily vlogs, but they are the most natural I've ever seen locally. Call me biased but whenever we watched their vlogs, there'll surely be smiles on our faces. Sobrang may happiness na dulot lang talaga! Kaya we look forward to their vlog each day. Please check them out as well. I'm sure you'll enjoy their videos as much as we do. They also have a cute daughter, Hayley. who adds more fun on their vlogs. Love namin talaga kayo Mimay! :) 

One of my most loved thing on their vlogs is Mich's cooking! Our Magic Sarap Queen!
When you watch them daily, you'll know why.

Here's a screenshot from one of their vlogs,

Calling the ATTN of Magic Sarap! Endorser nyo oh! Pang-kain lang daw OK na! LOL!

I seldom blog these past few months kasi busy-busyhan lang ang peg. But this one needs a post definitely!

So my bf and I decided to try out one of Mich's recipe.. the Pepper Rice! :)

We paired it with roasted chicken, since Jemay's favorite will always be chicken, siya nga ang CHIC-BOY ng Youtube PH. Lol!

For the pepper rice, you just need:
  • some leftover rice (we used brown rice, since that's what we have)
  • whole kernel corn (ours is Del Monte, got it for less than 40php per can I think)
  • finely chopped garlic 
  • Magic Sarap (Para sayo Mich!)
  • ground black pepper (lots of it!)
  • oil for sauteing
For the roasted chicken:
  • 1 kg of chicken breasts
  • garlic
  • ground black pepper
  • 2 tbsps. of soy sauce 
  • 2 tbsps. of vinegar
  • Magic Sarap (2 small sachets)
  • ginger
  • fresh milk

Start of by: 
Sauteing your garlic with salt and pepper in a few teaspoons of oil.
Saute the corn as well.
Add a packet of Magic Sarap, and mix.

Add lang ng "bahaw" or kahit bagong lutong kanin/rice.
Mix lang ng mix! :) Until ma-achieve ang fried rice effect.

For the roasted chicken naman:

First, marinate the chicken with all the ingredients for at least 2 hours on the fridge. 

Dump lang all the chicken with all the marinade on a pan.
(I used a double-sided pan here na nonstick, Dessini)
Let the chicken simmer on its own sauce for 10-15 minutes

Wait until all the liquid is absorbed then flip your chicken when they're golden brown.
Finish off by browning the other side as well.

Pepper Rice ni Mich (Iba lang ng konti!) :D

Roasted Chicken for Jemay


Let's eat!!!! :D

Thanks Mich for sharing your Pepper Rice recipe, 
nakakainspire magluto lagi. 
The bf and I loved it so much. 
Nakadalawang luto na ako nito. 
Jemay, thank you din sa pagpapatakam lagi samin sa mga chicken favorites mo hehe.. 
"Mark my word, Jemay!
Napadami ang rice namin! :)

We will always be waiting for your daily vlogs, and maraming salamat friends!

Belle B.


  1. Michelle Ballesteros3:15 PM, April 08, 2014

    Super Thank you Belle! Maraming salamat dito sa Blog nato. Maraming salamat din at isa ka sa mga nagpush samin na mag daily vlog. Isa ka sa reason kung bakit kami nagddaily vlog. Nakangiti ako hanggang ending nitong blog mo habang binabasa ko. Maraming salamat uli Belle! Godbless you! :* <3

  2. uy thank u ulit mich kasi binasa nyo ni daddy mimay hehe. sa sobrang njoy ko kasi sa nyo napablog. ako pala talaga isa sa nangulit haha. hehe. pero sulit kasi. fave ko talaga kayo. 😘 buti napasmile kita sis.

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