Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Chicken Charlie + Diary ng Panget

Went on a semi-date with the BF last week. We had his family with us so it's not a real date(date). But at least we get to spend time together. Fun times.

Went to the mall for his mom. Saw that the casts of the Diary ng Panget movie will be there the exact time we entered the mall. I only knew James Reid from PBB, and Yassi from GMA7 and if I remember it right, she was once an Avon Ladies girl :) , and the son of Papa Bear (Benji Paras). Di ko pa kilala yung bidang girl, pero I think mala-Kathryn Bernardo yata ang peg nya. I read it on some news yata. Look at how many teens were in the mall.

Diary ng Panget Mall Tour! Hehehehe...

Natatawa pa ko na nong dumaan kami sa area ng mall show nila, pinapipila na din kami ng mga guards, akala yata magpapapirma kami. So masunurin naman kami, pila lang. Pero bumitaw na kami sa pila nong nasa area na kami na maluwag na.

Naisip ko lang. Parang nakakatuwa maging super fan ng isang artista. Yung ganitong levels talaga na nakikigulo ka sa mga mall shows. Ang energy! To the highest level dapat e!

When doing our window shopping, wala pa kasing budget hahaha. Dumadagundong na ang mall sa sobrang sigawan ng mga teens. Hehe.. kaloka! We just sat down on the food court kasi kailangan talaga kumalma muna. Ramdam na ramdam namin na yumayanig yung sahig ng mall sa sobra dami ng mga tao at sigawan. Plus, we don't have enough sleep, as we're both not morning persons and have to get up so early for the trip with his family.

Bought a bottle of water for the bf, and I tried the Fresh Buko Juice from Buko ni Fruitas.
55Php for the largest cup

The salesman asked me if I want some ice on my cup, and I opted for just a little amount since I want more of the juice and not the ice. :) Comparing to the price on our town, mahal to kasi 15Php lang yata ang per buko samin! Pero at least I got some energy back since the buko juice was quite refreshing. :) And it was real and fresh as well. I even asked Kuya if it is, and he seemed genuine on telling me it's fresh. So I believed him.

Karylle on the other side of the cup! :D Pretty girl!

When we've gained our energies back. Stroll lang ulit. Hanap ng magagawa and matatambayan when we spotted a restaurant on the 3rd floor of the mall. It's the first time I've seen the name of the resto in the area. Chicken Charlie!

What encouraged us to go inside was the receptionist/girl outside the resto, holding their menu, smiling at us and asking us to try their food. She seemed so nice, so we approached her and asked her for the bestsellers. We chose the burger since we're not really hungry and just want to sit down and relax. 

The staff there were really all smiles! They all seemed to be really enjoying their jobs and being very accommodating which is really rare these days. Maybe they're just new to the area, or is it really how the management trained them. Whatever it is, I really appreciate that. Being very tired and all on that day.

We ordered the burger with a large drink. 
Then sat down, 
We were given a number and the one who got our order told us to wait for a few minutes, which we honestly don't mind since we just want to sit down and rest. 

Fun colors and clean interiors
The place is so nice and cozy. They have some couches where we sat. And a few more seats available since the place is not yet that popular I think. The restaurants of the mall were mostly located on the first floor, and this one's on the 3rd. 

After a few minutes of waiting, dumating na ang isa pang girl na super smile din, with our order. (for their smiles alone, I would love to try out more of their dishes next time.)

Burger with Fries and softdrinks (155Php / Upsized Drink)

We were really surprised when the food arrived. We thought it will be served on cartons just like any other fast food here in the Philippines. But it arrived in a basket with paper. For the price we've paid, super natuwa kami talaga!

We were honestly not expecting to be wowed by the taste. We were thinking, since we can rest here and try a new food, Ok na! Akala ko pa nga mala-Cindy's Burger yung experience. (We just had a bad experience noon pa sa Cindy's)

Fries muna. Wow. It tasted good actually. Di sya kapareho ng mga Jollibee, or McDo. But the taste was good. Mukang bagong luto din, so that's a plus. Who would want soggy fries. Me? Not!

Then the burger, now this is what our supposed just resting on their couches drama, made it all worth it!

The burger was really good. Super good actually. The chicken is fresh. Kaya nila kami pinaghintay kasi di ito yung naiprito na nong umaga pa. Super fresh ng taste nya. And super sarap talaga. Sobrang sulit yung 155Php namin. Sakto na samin yung shared meal na to kasi di naman kami talaga gutom. But we honestly enjoyed each bite. 

After a few minutes, 

Simot na simot! Oops sauce lang pala natira.. :) 

The staff were still so nice when we were leaving na. Thanked us and smiled at us.They did this with all the customers that entered the place. Accommodated them so well and served with smiles on their faces. Plus plus points talaga yun!

One of the girls serving that day, see that smile on her face! :)
Hoping she won't mind me posting her picture here.

Kami naman, sobrang OK! Nakapahinga na kami. Nabusog pa, at naka-discover ng bagong masarap na chicken burger. :) Isang biglaang decision na mag-try na di namin pinagsisisihan.

Thanks a lot Chicken Charlie SM Calamba. We will surely be back.. SOON! :)


When I arrived home, decided to google about the resto. Kaya pala familiar, kasi nababasa ko sa mga blogs before. Hehe.. Buti nagkaron na ng branch na medyo malapit. At least may bago na pwedeng puntahan. 


Belle B.


  1. I haven't tried their chicken burgers but I bet they're fantastic based on this post. Hopefully I can stop by a branch and try them out. I prefer chicken burgers to those with beef patties. :P